What Tau Sounds Like – Fulldome Short

Sometimes you just gotta act on inspiration. Upon first watching What Tau Sounds Like, I was inspired by the use of multiple camera viewpoints all connected by music. Just being able to see all the layers fit together and understand how one guy made this beautiful song. And I saw the potential for a unique portrayal of the music and math visually intertwining…

So as an initial music show sketch, I re-edited the video piece for an immersive fulldome environment. While I generally don’t like to put rectangle video footage on the dome, well I figured I should break my own rules and see how far I could push the idea. It was an interesting first experiment in compositing video footage into an immersive experience.

What Tau Sounds Like was originally created by Michael Blake. The song is available on the iTunes store. I did not record the video or audio, I just adapted and enhanced it for the dome. Tools used in After Effects: Navegar Fulldome Plugin, Escher’s Droste Plugin, and Fractal Explorer Plugin. The footage of the children running is originally from a PSA: Save the Children – Running Around the World.

1k Quicktime Freely Available

  • Available for planetarium use. 1k Quicktime MOV available for download by request (560MB). Please contact me if interested.


USA Planetariums
— Fort Collins Museum of Discovery Planetarium (Fort Collins, CO)
— Sudekum Planetarium, Adventure Science Center (Nashville, TN)
— Maynard F. Jordan Planetarium, The University of Maine (Orono, ME)
— Arthur Storer Planetarium (Prince Frederick, MD)

International Planetariums
— Immersive Vision Theatre, Plymouth University (Plymouth, UK)
— Astronomisches Rechen-Institut, Portable Planetarium (Heidelberg, Germany)

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2 thoughts on “What Tau Sounds Like – Fulldome Short

  1. Hey Jason, I just wanted to let you know that we showed this short last night in Fort Collins during our adult-only evening, and everyone loved it! Thanks again for allowing me to show it!

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