Cosmic Loops – Photos From the Event

The Cosmic Loops live music event was a smashing success and it was obvious that the audience left feeling electric! So plans are already underway to schedule more live music in the dome with Ian Ethan Case. Below are some wonderful photos taken by David Rabkin.

October 2013 Photos

April 2014 Photos

3 thoughts on “Cosmic Loops – Photos From the Event

  1. Pictures are fantastic. Wish I could of made it. What I’m getting from your post is that there are no breakthroughs for dome live mixing yet. Instead you chose smooth abstract visuals to complement the style of music played; any sudden audio/visual sync is purely accidental in timing. Anyway, I really happy to see this pictures. Nice job getting live entertainment in the planetarium.

    • The visuals were pre-rendered. However we did get recorded versions of the songs a few weeks prior to the event, so we were able to plan our visuals to loosely match the mood changes per song. The visuals were not strictly synced but in an immersive environment its surprising what you can get away with.

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