NASA Show – Sneak Peek

The blog has been quiet recently because we’ve been knee deep in a show production. So here is a quick look at whats been cookin’.

We received a NASA grant to create a planetarium show about spacecraft engineering and the challenges of designing, testing, and launching! Also we wanted to feature real imagery, so we traveled to NASA Goddard and shot 360° video at their expansive test facilities.

From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA
Available for distribution in early 2015

Glimpse Behind the Scenes

Below are some in-progress scenes from the actual fulldome show. We are currently in the polishing stage and we’re working to add the final details. I can’t wait to share more…

7 thoughts on “NASA Show – Sneak Peek

  1. Is there going to be a 7-month Anniversary Special Edition released when we get accurate surface images for Pluto? Ha!
    Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    • Haha you’re spot on! That is something that we have actually been discussing since we visualize the New Horizons trip to Pluto. We shall see how accurate our artists daydreams are… 😉

      • So exciting! We’ve all been imagining Pluto for so long. It will be incredible to see what it really looks like.

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