IMERSA Summit 2015: Panels


We have been asked to participate on several panels at the upcoming IMERSA Summit 2015. So I’ll be apart of the Future Immersion Panel and share some of the techniques we used to shoot 360 video while on location at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Planetarium director David Rabkin will be involved in two panels: Immersive Media Strategies and Challenges and New Directions in Alternative Content.

I’m also excited to announce that From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA has been selected to be screened during IMERSA. It will be shown directly after the Future Immersion Panel, which is perfect since you’ll have just seen behind the scenes.

IMERSA Summit 2015 – Agenda

Thursday February 26, 1:30-2:30 pm
Producers’ Panel: Immersive Media Strategies and Challenges (prerendered fulldome production)
We’ve seen creative and excellent fulldome work in recent years. But we’re still at the beginning of our understanding of experiences made possible via the fulldome medium. With each new concept, we experience new challenges. So we’re early on a steep learning curve. To encourage us to keep moving along it, let’s take on several overlapping-yet-different viewpoints – educator, producer, artist, and visualizer – and explore what’s possible in the fulldome medium and ponder some of the creative and technical challenges that together we face.

Thursday February 26, 8:30-9:30 pm
Future Immersion Panel
From high-resolution camera rigs for live-action capture to innovative immersive spaces; from branded content to breakthroughs in science education programming, this session will give you a front row seat for where immersive media can go next.

Thursday February 26, 10:00 pm
Fulldome film screening – From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA
Experience the excitement of today’s space missions as you journey from NASA’s test facilities all the way to Pluto. Immerse yourself in the adventure and extremes of spacecraft engineering – from the design of missions like the James Webb Space Telescope and New Horizons, to the rigors of testing, launch and space operations. When humans dare to dream we create truly amazing things.

Saturday February 28, 3:30 pm
New Directions in Alternative Content
Update: Watch a video recording of this talk
Since fulldome is capable of displaying essentially any content, what are some alternate uses of the medium that theaters are using now, and what are other potential uses to delight and engage future audiences

David Rabkin (Planetarium Director) & Jason Fletcher (Science Visualizer)

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