IX Symposium 2015 – Highlights

I recently attended the IX Symposium 2015 in Montreal, Canada. The Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT) is the perfect venue for such a completely unique event dedicated to immersion. And I am left with so much inspiration to act on! Each day had its own helpful theme to organize the screenings and presentations:

Day 1: Opening
Day 2: Expansion – Shifting Horizons
Day 3: Hybridization – Integration Techniques
Day 4: Emergence – Re-cognizing Complexity
Day 5: Transcaling – Beyond Boundaries.

The IX Symposium welcomes artists, researchers, educators, producers and distributors to share knowledge and experience about immersive and interactive technologies. It also welcomes broader audiences to world premieres of cutting edge digital works in Society for Arts and Technology’s dome, the Satosphere.

It is truly an open exchange platform through a series of keynotes, panels, demonstrations, performances and immersive productions. It also helps to democratize access to immersive spaces and to the tools and processes used for the creation of original contents. It’s important to foster a network facilitating the creation of a community and the circulation of people, ideas, and works. This will help rethink the models of production, the formats, the delivery systems, and the creative processes needed to maintain and nurture an international platform for strong artistic expressions and open innovation.

The Goals for IX 2015

  • Present state of the art practices and technologies in digital art, science, design and engineering.
  • Foster a critical discourse on immersion and experience.
  • Contribute to the creation of standards that ease the creation and distribution of groundbreaking works.
  • Set common goals to accelerate the expansion of this strongly experience-driven medium.
  • Gather an inspired and vibrant community.

The photographer of the symposium was Sebastien Roy
The photos below are ©SebastienRoy.ca – (source of photos)

Opening Ceremony at the Biosphere

Cocktails while listening to Allegra Fuller Snyder give the opening speech to commemorate the architect of the geodesic dome, Buckminster Fuller.

In the Dome

Various fulldome screenings, VJ’s, and performances.

Entropia Performance

A special performance of live immersive music, dome visuals, and a custom LED geodesic dome; which the musician performed from within. Every element was reactive to the music and was entrancing. Here is a video recording of the live performance. Also check out the french video interview or translated text interview.

Presentations & Talks

Various presentations, workshops, and interactives.

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