DJ Spooky: The Hidden Code – Performing in the Dome

My love for live music in the dome is undeniable. The idea is simple but powerful: Allow the synthesis of live performance and astronomy visuals to create a uniquely awe-inspiring experience.

Having thrown a series of live music events, each with its own custom dome visuals, we now have a collection of 4k dome material. So when DJ Spooky approached us with the idea of partnering to create a live fulldome show, it felt like a natural match. And the premiere of the show is just a few weeks away.

DJ Spooky: The Hidden Code — tickets
Performing at the Charles Hayden Planetarium, Museum of Science
Thursday, September 24, 2015


Now Booking Dome Performances

After the premiere of the album and fulldome show is when things get interesting for you. DJ Spooky is looking for domes to perform in! For live bookings please contact Sozo.

We have also created a canned version of the show which is meant to compete with evening laser shows. If you’re interested in licensing the show, then please contact me.

4k Fulldome Show Optionsfulldome trailer
— Live performance (visuals split by song)
— Canned show (45 minute show)

Flat Theater Options [16:9 ratio]flat trailer
— Live performance (visuals split by song)
— Canned show (45 minute show)

More Info About The Hidden Code Album

Imagine a visual odyssey through the cosmos, driven by lush musical compositions and inspired by complex themes of astronomy, engineering, biology, and psychology. The Hidden Code is the newest work by Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky. Commissioned by Dartmouth College’s Neukom Institute for Computational Science, Miller composed the album based on conversations with several of Dartmouth’s leading researchers.

The album features Dartmouth theoretical physicist and saxophonist Stephon Alexander; and Dartmouth physicist and author Marcelo Gleiser who reads his original poetry.

Check out the free online streaming of The Hidden Code album.

Savor this synthesis of emerging science, poetry, and melody with immersive visions overhead as The Hidden Code pushes art into science. Science into music. Music into art.

Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky, is a composer, music producer, performer, multimedia artist and National Geographic Emerging Explorer. He has collaborated with an array of recording artists, from Metallica and Chuck D to Steve Reich and Yoko Ono. He is the author of Imaginary App, Rhythm Science, Sound Unbound and Book of Ice.

Stephon Alexander is a theoretical physicist, tenor saxophonist and recording artist. He specializes in cosmology, particle physics and quantum gravity. He is the Ernest Everett Just 1907 Professor of Natural Sciences at Dartmouth and a National Geographic Emerging Explorer.

Marcelo Gleiser is a theoretical physicist specializing in particle cosmology. He is the author of The Island of Knowledge, A Tear at the Edge of Creation, The Prophet and the Astronomer, and The Dancing Universe. He is the founder of NPR’s blog 13.7 on science and culture. He is the Appleton Professor of Natural Philosophy and Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Dartmouth.



NPR – The Hidden Code: An Embrace Of Art And Science
Sound of Boston – Interview
Dartmouth – DJ Spooky Album Explores Universe With Dartmouth Scientists

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