IMERSA Summit 2016: Announcing Slack


Recently I’ve been brainstorming how to better connect the IMERSA crowd. Part of what makes going to the summit so great is the random people you meet. And so we are experimenting with how we can better connect people of similar interests. We are hoping that smartphones can be part of the equation.

So we are using “Slack” to continue the amazing conversations that happen at the IMERSA Summit. It’s both an icebreaker into the community and way for you to keep your ear to the ground. And also, it’s free.

To join the IMERSA Slack group, please request an invitation.

After you’ve registered, then be sure to install the Slack app on your smartphone (iPhone or Android). But you can also use Slack on any web browser. Then join some channels relevant to your interests and start by sharing a recent project you’ve worked on.

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