Screening at IPS-Macao Fulldome Festival

Our show Moons: Worlds of Mystery has be selected to be a part of the competition screening during the IPS-Macao International Fulldome Festival 2014! So if you’re attending the IPS Conference, then be sure to mark your schedule.

After the festival, we have the added honor of being one of only six productions to continue screening for the public in Macao (6/21 – 7/31) and Beijing (6/28 to 7/31).

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News: IX Symposium, Cinefex on Fulldome, 8k Research, Illustris Simulation

IX: Symposium on Immersive Creativity

In just a few days this fascinating and first-time conference will begin in Montreal and last for 5 days. Last year I saw the SAT team perform at Immersa 2013, and they were already doing come cutting edge work. So I’m curious to see how this event kicks off.

The IX Symposium will provide an open exchange platform through a series of keynotes, panels, demonstrations, performances and immersive productions. An objective of the symposium is to help democratize access to immersive spaces and to the tools and processes used for the creation of original contents. Another objective is to foster a network facilitating the creation of a community and the circulation of people, ideas, and works. This will help rethink the models of production, the formats, the delivery systems, and the creative processes needed to maintain and nurture an international platform for strong artistic expressions and open innovation.

Shortcuts: An Experimental Dance Film Competition

We are looking for videos, who look at dance through the new medium of 3-dimensional/spherical cinematography. Dance and an experimental approach should be at the center of the work. Focal point of interest should be real filmed scenes and not computer generated and/or animated film sequences.

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Fulldome Interviews: Shane Mecklenburger – Art/Science Course at OSU


Teaching 3D animation is no simple task. Especially if the center of interest is astronomy and fulldome! So in September 2013, I was asked to teach my astronomy visualization techniques as a visiting artist at OSU.

Shane Mecklenburger is the 3D animation professor of a class called “The End & the Beginning of Everything”, which received a Battelle Endowment. Participating OSU astronomers and astrophysicists paired with the animation students to create a dialogue and help inspire their artwork.

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Fulldome Artist in Residence: Call for Applications


I’m excited to see the launch of a fulldome artist residency to help open up the medium to artists. I’m particularly interested that dome production training is a major part of the training. With so few offered workshops and college classes in the world, it’s difficult to break into the medium on top of all the technical hurdles and getting dome access. The fulldome world is a narrow but growing market and so this is an important resource for allowing artists to experiment on an actual dome. More info below.

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Cosmic Loops – Dome Visuals for Live Music

CosmicLoops_preview2 CosmicLoops_preview1 CosmicLoops_preview3

We are working hard on our latest fulldome production show about NASA engineering, but we do try to squeeze some fun projects into the mix. So lately we have been creating some custom dome visuals for an upcoming live music event in the planetarium — Cosmic Loops: Music Beneath the Stars

But there are some interesting challenges in trying to create pre-rendered dome visuals for live music. The musicians supplied the songs they will be playing live, so we at least had an understanding the specific moments to match. We have seen that many entertainment shows try to stay synced to the beat. But we realized that in an immersive space you just want to soak it up the moment of beauty around you. So we have taken a different approach of grandiose scenery with gentle camera moves. We aren’t making a music video but instead an experience where the music and visuals amplify each other. We aspire for goosebumps. For frisson!

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Kickstarter: The Kepler Story

Currently there is a kickstarter running with an interesting hybrid of fulldome and theater: The Kepler Story: Theater + Science + Harmony. This show will be created particularly for the interactivity of an actor in mind. Meaning the fulldome visuals will react in realtime to the actors movements; throwing out their hand to have stars shoot out at their command. Includes the work of Cymatrix. Needless to say I’m intrigued with the possibilities. The kickstarter project ends on Tuesday, August 20th.

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Fisheye & Spherical Collection: Supported Render Engines

Maya Scene Source – fisheye image / rendered with Domemaster3D

So you want to dive into creating fulldome content? Get ready for a wild and weird experience. You’re going to need a camera with a fisheye lens. Call it what you like: fisheye, fulldome, or domemaster… They all refer to the same thing.

Below is a collection of the many different softwares which support fisheye.

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Research into Fulldome Cross-Bounce

In the fulldome community we have some jargon for when digital projection light bounces off the dome and then illuminates other parts of the dome. We call this cross-bounce. It’s always frustrating when the dome washes out from a bright scene and delicate details are blown out.

But over at Disney Research: Zürich, they have been working on a solution for a variety of screens: stereoscopic 3D dual projections, IMAX screens, and fulldomes. The title of their paper is Perceptually-Based Compensation of Light Pollution in Display Systems.

So in short, when projecting onto a concave screen the image is degraded due to indirect scattering. Descattering tries to remove this pollution by projecting a compensated image which cancels out the pollution.

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