NestDrop: Presets Collection – Isosceles Mashups

After releasing the Cream of the Crop preset collection for NestDrop, I had a good understanding of the visuals that could be further explored. So I started doing mashups just for fun and stumbled across some fresh visuals.

The presets have been organized into categories and subcategories folders. The organizational structure matches that of the Cream of the Crop collection, so both collections can be installed into NestDrop and they will seamlessly merge together.

– Collection of 1,131 Milkdrop presets
– Includes preview images of each preset
– Readme with install instructions

If you would instead prefer having all of the presets in one giant folder, here is a alternate version of the collection which has the categories and subcategories baked into the filenames.

Recently NestDrop has been particularly useful in helping to produce visuals for our online SubSpace Sessions. I have been recording the visuals and using it to layer along with other visuals when creating a show. Below is a tutorial I created which explores some different mixing techniques that are possible in NestDrop.